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Using CSV files with Rivo Loyalty

A comma-separated values (CSV) file is a plain text file, that uses commas to separate values. The data is usually represented in tabular form, so using Excel or Google Sheets are both excellent ways to prepare them. You can use two different types of CSV imports with Rivo Loyalty; one to import members (especially handy for those migrating from a previous loyalty app), and another to adjust your members' points balances in bulk. This article provides these CSV templates and steps on how to use them.

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Using a CSV file to import members
Using a CSV file to adjust existing members' points
Common questions

Using a CSV file to import members

Any customer who has a profile in your Shopify Admin (View this list in Shopify Admin > Customers) can be imported as a member of your Loyalty Program. This includes customers who have previously completed purchases on your store and any customer profiles you have created in Shopify. These will initially show in the app as 'Guests' in your customer list, but you can use a CSV file to add them as members so they can start earning points! Follow the steps below to import members into your Loyalty Program.

From the Loyalty dashboard, go to Settings.

Under Import Loyalty Program Members, click Choose File.

There is a CSV template in this section you can use to prepare your file. You can also download the same file here: Member Import CSV Template.

Select the file you wish to use. Allow a few minutes for your Customer data to update.

Note: The fields for this template are the customer's email, the points balance you wish to set for them, and their birthdate. Only their email is strictly necessary to import, the other fields may be safely left blank.

Using a CSV file to adjust existing members' points

Use a CSV file to update your members' points in bulk! This will adjust your current members' balances and should not be used to import members; for details on how to do that, see above. This is a great way to celebrate something with your Loyalty program members and give out points on special occasions.

💡 Pro Tip: The same CSV file can be used for both processes as long as you have a column with header 'email'/'Email' and a column with header 'points'/'Points Balance'

From the dashboard, go to Customers and click Adjust Total Points in the top right corner.

Select how you would like to adjust your members' balances. You can add points to their balance or reset their balance to the amount specified in the CSV file.

Choose the file you would like to use.

You can download a CSV template under the Adjust total points button, or you can download the same file here: Adjust Total Points CSV template

Optional: Add a custom comment for your members, which they can see in the Loyalty widget.

Click Import Points. Allow a few minutes for your members' balances to be updated

Common questions

Can I import guests who are just browsing my website and turn them into members?
This is not possible. Only guests who have a customer profile in your Shopify Admin are eligible to be imported as Loyalty program members. 

Can I adjust one customer's points balance at a time, instead of all at once?
Absolutely! This can be done on the member's page in the app. See our guide on this: Adjusting customers' points balances. You can also add as many or as few of your members to the CSV file to adjust your members' points balances.
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