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Revoke Redeemed Rewards

If a customer decides they do not want to use a reward they have redeemed, you can revoke the reward and the points will be added back to their account. This is especially handy if customers redeem a reward by mistake, or wish to get points back to put toward a higher tier reward. 

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Revoking rewards to refund points
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Revoking rewards to refund points

Follow the steps below to revoke a member's unused reward, the points for which will be automatically added back to their balance.

From the Loyalty dashboard, go to Programs > Activity.

Under Loyalty Program, select the redeemed reward you'd like to convert back to points and click Refund.

The reward has now been revoked and the points added back to the customer's points balance.

Note: Only unused rewards can be revoked and converted back into points, used rewards are not eligible to be revoked.

Common questions

Can the app automatically adjust points on canceled/refunded orders?
Currently, this is not possible. However, it has been noted and added to our Product Roadmap, where you can add your vote for this feature! In these cases, you can manually adjust a customer's points balance. Please see our guide: Adjusting customers' points balances.
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