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Your Program Activity page is a high level overview of the activities happening on your loyalty program. You can use this page to get an idea of which customers are signing up, referring friends and progressing to the next level of your VIP Program. 

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Understanding your Program Activity
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Understanding your Program Activity

Your Program Activity page is divided into three parts. Points activity (Loyalty program), Referrals activity (Referral Program) and VIP activity (VIP Program). The activity is chronological, meaning that most recent activity will appear near the top of the card. 

From your Loyalty Dashboard, in the left sidebar click  Programs

Under Programs, click Activity

Loyalty/Points Program

Here you can see an overview of recent activity on your Points Program. In newest to oldest, you'll see the member who signed up, the points they were awarded, as well as the date the activity and action occurred. 

Referral Program

Here you can see an overview of your customers referrals, status, order amounts and the day they were referred.

VIP Program

If you have the VIP Tiers feature enabled, you'll be able to see see which of your program members have unlocked a new Tier and when they unlocked it.

💡 Pro Tip: Use the arrows below the activity cards to see older activity.

Common Questions

Is this feature available on the free plan?
Yes. The Activity Page is available on all our Loyalty plans.
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