Pre-launch Checklist & Toolkit

In this article we’ll take a look at all the basics you want to have covered before launching your loyalty program. Along the way, we’ll provide some tips, inspiration and resources to help you build an on-brand loyalty program that will grow and nurture your customer base. Let’s get into it!

This article mentions features available on the Loyalty, Rewards & Referrals Pro & Premium plans

☑️ Name your Loyalty Program ✏️ (1-2 mins)

Choose a name that conveys your brand personality. If classic is your thing go for something straightforward like Starbucks did with Starbucks Rewards. Or go for something fun and catchy like e.l.f. Cosmetics' Beauty Squad or Nordstrom's The Nordy Club. We love these because they're snappy, memorable and really foster a sense of community.

Check out our quick guide on adding your custom name to the Loyalty widget.

☑️ Style the launcher & widget 🎨 (10-15 mins)

Rivo Loyalty has tons of customization features! Add your brand colors, images and icons for a seamless customer experience. These are simple but effective improvements to showcase your programs for potential members and provide a native look for your store. Check out these guides to find out more:

Customizing the Widget Screen
Custom Widget Banner and Icons
Customizing the widget button and screen position

If you don't have images at the ready, no worries. Here are some sites to find great, high-quality images for free! For banner images, try out Burst, Unsplash, and FreeRangeStock. For icons, check out the free PNG icons at iconpacks, uxwing, The Noun Project and the library over at Google Fonts.

☑️ Choose your Ways to Earn & Rewards 💖 (5-10 mins)

These are the cornerstones of any effective loyalty program. Rivo Loyalty has some default ways to earn and rewards ready to go when you first install but you can edit these at any time. To attract more members, why not increase the points for signups or if you're after more followers on social media, focus on increasing the points for these. Discounts are always a great way to convert sales but why not add a free product or free shipping as a reward. The word 'Free' is always guaranteed to generate interest and boost sales in turn! Check out these guides to get started:

Getting Started with the Points Program
Enabling points for Social Media
Getting Started with Rewards
Advanced Rewards

☑️ Set up your Referral Program 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 (2-5 mins)

A good referrals program is a fantastic way to turn your loyal customers into brand evangelists. When you're setting up your rewards, take some time to think about both parties involved in the referral. Will your customers feel incentivized enough to share your store with their friends and family? And will those potential new customers like their reward enough to make a purchase? A generous referrals program will pay back dividends with new, loyal customers who themselves become advocates for your business. Check out these guides to learn more:

Getting Started with Referrals
Customizing referral settings
Points for Completed Referrals

☑️ Create your VIP tiers 🏆 (5-10 mins)

VIP Programs have become increasingly popular in recent years. It's not surprising as they are such an effective way to encourage spending and engagement with online stores. Rivo Loyalty has 3 tiers with default tier names ready to go when you first install, but you can change these any time you want. Choose your tier names to line up with your store's brand. Take a look at these VIP programs for some inspiration: Erin Condren's EC Insider, Sephora's Beauty Insider and Glow Recipe's Glow Rewards.

Check out our guide on Getting Started with VIP Tiers

☑️ Launch your program 🚀

You should now be ready to launch your program!

And remember, all Rivo Loyalty settings, rewards and ways to earn can be changed anytime. Try out different configurations to determine the best fit for your store and customers. Happy selling and thanks for reading! 🤗
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