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Points for Posting a Yotpo Product Review

Reward your customers when they review your products using Yotpo!

✨ Shopify Flow is required for this Way to Earn. Shopify Flow is available on the Shopify, Advanced and Plus plans.

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Create the Way to Earn in Rivo
Create the Workflow in Shopify Flow
Common questions

Create the Way to Earn in Rivo

From your Loyalty dashboard, go to Programs > Points.

Select Add Another Way to Earn > Post a product review.

Select Yotpo reviews from the dropdown.

Enter the points amount you wish to award.

Optional: Add a limit to how many times each customer can earn points for leaving a review.

Once you're happy with your settings, hit Save and make sure the status is set to On.

Create the Workflow in Shopify Flow

Once you've followed the quick steps above to create your new Way to Earn, you'll need to create the workflow in Shopify Flow that will alert our app when a customer leaves a review.

💡 Time Saving Tip: Click here to download the workflow and then simply import it into Shopify Flow!

From your Shopify admin, go to Apps > Shopify Flow and click Create Workflow.

Click Select a trigger and select New Yotpo review from Yotpo Product & Photo Reviews' available triggers.

Next, click Output > Action and select Add Points for a Review from Rivo's available actions.

In the Customer Identifier field, use the variable {{ reviewerEmail }}

Optional steps:
Enter a points amount override: this will override the amount that you have set in the app.
Check the Skip Email option: checking this means customer's won't receive an email about their points.

Once your happy with your settings, click Turn on workflow.

List of triggers available for Yotpo Reviews

New Yotpo review: Review Created for a product in your store (Recommended)
Yotpo review updated: Review Updated for a product in your store.

Common questions

Will the app award points to all my customers?
Rivo will award points to Members only, so it's is important that your customers create the reviews using the same email address they have used for their accounts on your store. You could read more on: How to invite guests to create an account using Shopify.

Can I connect a different reviews app?
Yes, you can see all our current integration from here.
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