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Points for Posting a Product Review

Our integration enables your customers to earn points for leaving a review! In this article we'll walk through how you can connect your account to Rivo so your customers can earn points for leaving a product review. You'll need to have the app installed on your Shopify store before starting this process.

✨ Awesome Plan is required for this Way to Earn.

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What does the Integration do?

The integration enables your customers to earn points for writing a review on your store. You can choose whether to award points multiple time for this action or just once.

How to connect Rivo Loyalty with

Open the Integrations page.


Navigate to the API keys section of your app.

Copy your API token from and add it to the field provided.

Click Update integration.

Tip: Check the box "Customer can only earn this reward once?" If you'd like to limit whether a customer can be rewarded only once for leaving a review.

Create the Way to Earn in Rivo

From your Loyalty dashboard, go to Programs > Points.

Select Add Another Way to Earn > Post a product review.

Select Judgeme from the dropdown.

Enter the points amount you wish to award.

Optional: Add a limit to how many times each customer can earn points for leaving a review. If you selected the option to award points for this only once during the integration setup, please uncheck this option.

Click Save and make sure the status is set to On.that will apply no matter what you select here

✨ The custom icons feature is available in our Growth plan and above.

Common Questions

Will the app award points to all my customers?
Rivo will award points to Members only, so it's is important that your customers write the reviews using the same email address they have used for their accounts on your store. You could read more on: How to invite guests to create an account using Shopify.

Can I change how many times a customer can earn points for this action?
Yes! You can adjust that in the Ways to Earn settings.

How do I disconnect the integration?
Visit and remove your private API key and set the integration to Off.

Can I connect a different reviews app?
Yes, you can see all our current integration from here.
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