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Integrating with Shopify Flow

Shopify's powerful automation tool Flow allows you to instantly integrate Rivo Loyalty with a whole host of other Shopify apps to create your own custom ways to earn points!

✨ Shopify Flow is available to merchants on the Shopify, Advanced, or Shopify Plus plan

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How does Rivo Loyalty work with Shopify Flow?
An example use case with Okendo
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How does Rivo Loyalty work with Shopify Flow?

There are three components to a workflow in Shopify Flow: Triggers, Conditions and Actions. Check out Shopify's full guide here for more.

The Trigger is the event that initiates your automation.
Conditions set rules to determine if the action will execute.
The Action is the outcome or change that's made in your store or an app.

With Shopify Flow, you can now add a Rivo Add Points Action to your workflows. You can then connect our Action to a Trigger connector from another app, so that when a customer meets the criteria for that app's trigger and any conditions, they will be awarded points to their Rivo Loyalty account.

An example use case with Okendo

Here's an example of a simple workflow that will award points to a Loyalty member when they leave a product review using the Okendo app. The condition applied here ensures that the points will be awarded only if the review came from an Okendo review request email.

An Okendo → Rivo automation workflow in Shopify Flow

💡 Pro Tip: This is just one example out of many possible workflows you can create! Check this page out to see a list of other apps that integrate with Shopify Flow.

Open the Flow app and click Create Workflow.

Click Select a trigger and select the Okendo Review Created trigger.

Click Outcome > Condition on the Okendo trigger.

On the new connector click Select condition > Add Criteria.

Click Source and create the condition: IF Source is equal to review-request-email.

Next, choose Then > Action on the condition connector.

Select Rivo > Add Points.

Click on the Rivo Action connector and add the {{email}} variable in the customer email field, along with the points amount and the message for your customers.

To activate it, click Turn on workflow.

Common questions

Will my customers see info about these ways to earn points on the Loyalty widget or page?
This is a brand new integration and currently, the details of custom ways to earn created with Shopify Flow can't be displayed on the widget or dedicated page. This is on our Product Roadmap!

Are there any Rivo triggers I can use?
Right now, only the Add Points Action is available but let us know of any triggers or actions you'd like to see by adding it to our Feature Request board.
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