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Getting Started with Referrals

Referrals are a brilliant way of expanding your market and gaining more customers as your existing customers can send new customers directly to your store. Show your appreciation to customers who become advocates for your business by creating a rewards program for them.

In this article:
Enabling the Referral Program
Creating Rewards for referrals
Setting an expiration
Changing the referral landing page URL
Common questions

Enabling the Referral Program

From the dashboard, go to Programs > Referrals.

Slide the switch to the ON position for the Referral Program Status.

Creating Rewards for referrals

Note: If you want to create the reward for the Referred Friend instead, follow the same steps below but do these on the Referred Friend Reward section.

In the Referral Rewards section, there are two default referral rewards you can edit, one for the  Referred Friend and one for the Referring Customer. In this example, we will create the reward for the Referring Customer.

Click the Add Reward button.

Choose the type of reward. In the example above, we chose Percentage Off.

Set your preferred settings in the following fields:

Reward Title - The name of the reward
Reward - The discount value of the reward
Min Requirement - Set a minimum purchase value the reward can be used on
Apply to - Apply the reward to all your products or specific Collections

💡 Find out more: Check out our guides on giving Points for Completed Referrals and Advanced Rewards.

Setting an expiration

If you want to set expiration to the reward you created:

Simply check the box under Reward Expiration.

Select how many months before the reward expires.

When you're satisfied with your reward settings, click Create Reward.

Changing the referral landing page URL

Make sure customers following a referral link land on the page you want them to! This is especially handy if there is a particular collection, page, or product you want customers to see when they first arrive at your store.

From the Loyalty dashboard, go to Programs > Referrals.

Scroll to Referrals Redirection URL and add the handle you would like to use, e.g. "collections" as in the example above.

Save your changes.

This will update all existing referral links; you can change the URL anytime you want and all referral links will update.

Common Questions

Is there a way in the app to track or monitor the statistics of the referrals brought in by my customers? 
Yes! This is possible using the Referral Analytics feature. 

What if the referred friend doesn't use their discount code but still makes a purchase?
This counts! As long as the referred friend visits your online store and completes a purchase, this is considered a successfully completed referral, so the referring friend will get their reward as well in such cases.
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