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Disabling a Program

If you need some time to set a program up before launching, or you need to pause a program for a while, you can disable either program with a simple swipe of a button and enable it again anytime you want.

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Disabling the Points program
Disabling the Referrals program
Common questions

Disabling the Points program

From the Loyalty dashboard, go to Programs > Points.

In the  Points Program Status section, toggle the switch  OFF.

Your Points Program is now disabled but can be enabled at any preferred time.

Members can still earn points on purchases when the Points Program is hidden. To prevent this, disable Place an order in Earning Points.

Note: To hide our app's launcher completely, you will need to turn off both Points and Referrals in the Programs section in the app's sidebar.

Disabling the Referrals program

From the Loyalty dashboard, go to Programs > Referrals.

In the Referral Program Status section, toggle the switch OFF.

Your Referrals Program is now disabled but can be reenabled at any time.

Common questions

Can I hide the rewards program only on mobile view?
This is not possible at the moment. Whatever settings made on the program will be visible on both desktop and mobile view. This feature has been noted though and is added to our product roadmap.

Can I hide the widget without disabling my programs?
Yes! If you would like to hide the on-screen widget, you can use deep links to keep it active so your customers can still engage with your programs. Check out our guide to this: Using deep links to open and hide the Loyalty widget.
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