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Customizing referral settings

Using a referral link is a fast and convenient way to spread the word about your online store and gain more customers. Expand your market by taking advantage of the referral link feature of the app that your members can share with their friends!

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Sharing the referral link through social platforms
Email notifications for Referral Completed
Customizing email notifications
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Sharing the referral link through social platforms

From the Dashboard, go to Program > Referrals.

Scroll down to the Social Sharing Settings section.

Check the box of the social platform where you want to allow the sharing of referral links. In this example, we checked all three — Twitter, Facebook and Email.

If you are checking Twitter as well, include a message to tweet in the field provided.

When you're satisfied with your settings, click Save.

Email notifications for Referral Completed

Aside from being able to share the referral link to social media platforms, you can also set the app to send email notifications to your customers as soon as the friend they referred has used their reward!

Go to Emails on the left navigation panel.

Set Referral Completed to ON under Notifications.

No need to look for a Save button since the app will automatically do so!

Customizing email notifications

While some merchants choose to use the default formatting for customer emails on completed referrals, the text can be customized to make these notifications reflect your brand.

Click Edit on Referral Completed under Notifications.

Enter the texts that you want to appear on the following fields:

Subject - The subject line of the email
Title - The main heading of the email copy
Subtitle - The secondary text of the email copy
Button - The text of the button that brings the customer to your store
Subtext - T&Cs or fine print text. {{ reward_tos }} will be replaced by any conditions set for the reward.

When you're satisfied with your settings, click  Save.

💡 Find out more: Check out our guide on editing emails & using email variables.

Common Questions

Can I also see a preview of the email notification settings on mobile view?
Definitely! Just toggle between the two icons above the Subject in the preview section on the right to switch between desktop and mobile views.
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