Customizing Email styles & branding

Add your voice and branding to your Loyalty Program emails. This guide shows how to customize the appearance of your Loyalty Program emails to match your brand's style!

This feature is available on the Loyalty, Rewards & Referrals Pro & Premium plans

In this article:
Customizing Colors
Changing Button Radius
Add Logo or Banner

Customizing Colors

From the Loyalty Hero dashboard, go to Brand Style > Emails.

From here you can change the appearance of all of your email's color schemes.

The live preview will update as you make changes. You can also switch between Desktop and Mobile view from here.

Changing the Button Radius

To change the roundness of the button that brings the user to your store, you can edit the pixel radius. The higher the pixel count, the rounder the button will appear. Here the Button Radius is set to 25 px, which is the max:

When the Button Radius is set to zero, the button will appear as a rectangle:

Add A Logo or Banner

Add your logo or a custom banner to your email templates by selecting the upload type and either dragging your file into the upload box or clicking 'browse' to select the file from your computer. 

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