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Custom Icons - Ways to Earn

Custom icons are a small but powerful way to add your own branding & style to your Loyalty program. This article goes over how to upload your own icons for Ways to Earn.

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Custom icons - Ways to earn
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Custom icons - Ways to earn

From the Loyalty dashboard, go to Programs > Points > Earning Points.

Click Edit on the Earning Points action you want to add a custom icon for.

On the right, select  Upload custom icon.

Drag and drop the image or click Browse to select it from your files.

Allow a second or two for the image to upload and Save your changes.

💡 Pro tip: If your custom icons don't appear straight away in your list of actions in 'Points Program' > 'Earning Points' or in the app widget, refresh your browser and they will then appear.

Common questions

Can I upload a custom icon for the Launcher?
Yes! See our guide on this here.
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