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Checking customer's points and rewards

This guide gives a quick overview of how to check on an individual member's activity and engagement with your programs.

💡 For a high-level overview of your programs, check out our guide on Program Activity.

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Check customer's points and rewards
Common questions

Checking Customer Signups

The number of customers that have signed up for your Loyalty Program will be displayed on your Dashboard including the rewards that have been issued if there were any.

Checking customer's points and rewards

From the Dashboard, go to Customers.

On the Customers' page, click on any of the customers on the list.

Under the Program Activity section, you can click on the PointsRewards, or Referrals tab to see the information.

The recent orders section shows the customer's most recent completed transaction with your shop.

Common questions

Do I need to manually generate the points my customers earned?
No. All points are granted automatically in the backend based on your customer's actions.

Will the points also show on the customers' account page of my store?
Points will only be displayed on the widget when the customer is logged in. We do not have access to modify the customer account webpage to display the total points earned or spent.

Is it possible to offer a gift for customers who earn high points?
At this point, this feature is still in the works and will be announced as soon as it gets available.

Can I create a Points Program for customers who recommend my products?
Unfortunately, the app does not have the ability to create a program based on recommendations. But this has been noted though and added to our product roadmap.
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