Adding translations for the widget text

Want to use Rivo Loyalty in a different language? Or simply want to edit a piece of text on the widget? The Translations feature in Rivo Loyalty makes it easy to do both!

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Translation section of the app
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Translation section of the app

To enter your own translation of the language within the app, follow these steps:

From the Loyalty dashboard, go to Brand Style.

Click Translation.

Under General Settings, you can then enter the translations of the texts you prefer to use on your store in the fields provided. These texts are shown in the different sections of the app.

Once you're satisfied with the translations you entered, click  Save.

💡 Pro Tip: All texts will default to English if the fields are left blank. We recommend entering texts in the fields though, whether in English or other languages, instead of leaving them blank.

Common questions

Is it possible to create two translations within the app?
Currently, the app can only be set to one language at this point. When customers view your store from anywhere in the world, it will show the translations you have chosen on the translations page of the app.

Can I also translate texts inside brackets on the email customization section of the app?
The text with curly brackets {{ ... }} in the email notification text fields are placeholders called variables, which cannot be edited or translated. However, wherever the text that is displayed in place of these variables includes words and not just a number (e.g. signed up), the words can be translated in the app's Translation settings. For more on this see our guide on Email notifications.
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