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Adding and excluding customers

As the store owner, managing the list of customers included in your loyalty program is totally up to you. You can add customers to the program by importing them from another app or platform or exclude customers, should you choose to do so.

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Adding members to the program
Updating Members' VIP Statuses
Excluding customers from the program
Common questions

Adding members to the program

You can add your existing customers from other platforms to the loyalty program by importing them via a CSV file. This will include their relevant information such as email addresses, point balances, and birthdates. Before you proceed, make sure you have already prepared and saved the CSV file on your computer.

💡 Find out more: Check out our full guide on Using CSV files with Rivo Loyalty here.

From the Dashboard, go to Settings.

In the Import Loyalty Program Members section, click Choose File.

Locate the CSV file on your computer and click Open to upload the file.

Wait a few seconds for the confirmation that the customers are being imported.

Updating Members' VIP Statuses

When importing customers or adjusting existing members' points balance using a CSV file, you will need to go to the VIP Program Settings to update their VIP Tier status.

From the Loyalty Dashboard, go to Programs then select VIP.

Scroll down to Program Settings, then click Edit > Update in the Program Start Date section.

Confirm the action by clicking Yes, proceed on the prompt. This will recalculate the members' VIP status. 👍

Note: While recalculating your members' statuses the app will temporarily switch OFF the VIP Program. Allow a few minutes to calculate the VIP status and the Program will switch back ON automatically itself. ⚠️ DO NOT turn the program back on before it is finished as the update will fail.

Excluding customers from the program

To exclude customers from your list:

From the Dashboard, go to Customers to view the list.

Click on the customer that you want to exclude then click Exclude from program.

Confirm the action by clicking Exclude Account on the prompt.

Note: You can add excluded customers back to the program anytime by clicking 'Reinstate to program'.

Common questions

Can I exclude specific members from the rewards program based on their tag or discount group?
Currently, this is not possible. But it has been noted and added to our product roadmap, where you can add your vote for this feature!

Can I totally delete members using the app?
No, this is not possible. Your members/guests list is based on the information generated in your Shopify Admin and the app does not have the ability to delete anyone on that list.
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